Mountain lake in Smithers, BC

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“The town is the people and the people are the town.” from "This Town" by Mark Perry

See Smithers through the eyes of a Smithereen and others who visit us here in the Bulkley Valley.  What makes this place special, why do they come, why do they stay and what are the unique and memorable things they recommend for you. 

Smithers: Mountain Biking via Train

June 29, 2020

Traveling by train to check out the mountain bike trails in northern BC, Abby Cooper discovers the wild glory of Smithers where it feels like "there are more trails than riders".

by Abby Cooper

6 Photography Spots Around Smithers

May 29, 2020

Professional photographer Curtis Cunningham shares his favourite photography spots around Smithers.

by Curtis Cunningham

Fishing and Beer

May 17, 2020

Good livin’ in Smithers, according to Blaine Estby of Smithers Brewing Co.

by Malcolm Johnson

Balanced in Nature

May 7, 2020

Smithers yoga teacher Yeva Glover shares a few of her local must-dos.

by Malcolm Johnson

Country Chic for Small Town Streets

April 21, 2020

Caroline Marko shares how quality over quantity makes Smithers a great place to be.

by Malcolm Johnson

Insider Tips for Exploring Smithers in Winter

March 11, 2020

Rebecca Bollwitt interviews Abby Cooper to discover what the must-do's for a Smithers winter adventure.

by Rebecca Bollwitt

A Deep History of Snowblades in Smithers

March 8, 2020

A look at the exploding snowblade scene on Hudson Bay Mountain Resort in Smithers.

by Tanner Elliot


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