Bulkley Valley Museum

Housed in the Central Park Building located at the junction of Hwy 16 and Main Street, the Bulkley Valley Museum is the perfect starting point for a journey through the fascinating history of Smithers and the surrounding Bulkley Valley. 

The Museum itself is home to permanent collection exhibits featuring the cultural and industrial development of the Valley. Exhibits feature the Wet’suwet’en people, development of the Telegraph Trail and the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, mining, agriculture and forestry industries. The Museum also has a spectacular aviation exhibit which includes a set of twin 20 mm cannons from the American B36 bomber which crashed nearby on February 14th, 1950.

During the summer season, the Museum hosts its annual Culture Crawl which includes exhibition sites around the town of Smithers. The Culture Crawl features the Swiss and Dutch migration to the Valley, beautiful gardens and the sites for kit homes shipped to Smithers by rail from Illinois and Ontario during the 1920’s and 1930’s. 

The Museum also hosts a fascinating fossil display made up of artifacts from local fossil bed sites in our Valley. 

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