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Dog-Friendly Smithers BC

by Abby Cooper

Not every travel destination is one that you and your dog can enjoy equally, but in Smithers, it’ll be a nonstop competition as to who is having the most fun.

With ample dog-friendly accommodations, patios and activities - no doubt about it, your pup will have a well-rounded vacation. Here’s a crash course on options, providers and epic Smithers things to do on your next visit with the fuzzy one!

Hiking at Crater Lake on Hudson Bay Mountain. Photo Abby Cooper

Dog-friendly accommodation

Every pup’s going to have its own quirks, or should I say preferences about where they stay - just like you! Luckily Smithers has quite a few pet-friendly accommodation options. It’s important to note that not every room is bookable for pets so it’s important to call in and book ahead to ensure you get one!

  • Aspen Inn » The mountain lodge atmosphere and decor make this accommodation option feel instantly cozy. There is a pool and a delicious restaurant (Aspen Riverhouse) built into the hotel complete with a dog-friendly patio. Learn more about booking the Aspen Inn in Smithers here.
  • Fireweed Motor Inn » The motel format has individual front doors with access right to the outdoors -  no long hallway walks with your pup here. Some rooms come set with a kitchenette and there is onsite laundry if needed. Learn more or book the Fireweed Motel here.
  • Prestige Hudson Bay Lodge » My personal favourite is the Prestige! The Smithers Prestige has all the bells and Whistles of a “normal” hotel plus spacious rooms for gear, comfortable beds, and Kootenay - my favourite -  while being situated in a quiet yet central location. Learn more about the Prestige Hudson Bay Lodge here.
  • Sandman Inn » Everything you need and at a great rate at the Smithers Sandman location.
  • Florence Motel » The Florence makes for a quiet base. Easy to keep to yourself, enjoy a coffee in the sunshine right outside your room and have the ability to book a suite with a kitchen + multiple rooms pending on your needs. Learn more about the options available here.
  • Mountain View » Is the most budget-friendly option in town, check out their offerings here.
  • Other » Local VRBO and Airbnb bookings can kit you and your dog with a yard and ample space if you’re traveling with family, large adventure toys or prefer a more intimate accommodation experience. I’ve personally stayed in the Studio on Main with my dog and loved the location and modern yet cozy amenities of the Airbnb.

Dog-friendly patios

Pup with table manners? They’re are a handful (or more!) spots in town that welcome a well-behaved pup to perch on their patios!

Dog-friendly patio at Smithers Brewing Company | Photo Abby Cooper

Smithers Brewing » As if the branded collars, leashes and beer-shaped dog toys weren’t enough to clue you into the fact that Smithers Brewing loves and welcomes pups, doggie water dishes and ample leash hitching opportunities will surely give you and your dog a big warm welcome! Be sure to snag a matching 4-pack and dog toy on your way out.

Bulkley Valley Brewery » A sunny and social patio at the Bulkley Valley Brewery welcomes pups to perch and snooze while you pint and sip.

Frozen North locally-sourced ice- cream & food truck | Photo Abby Cooper

Frozen North » My dog’s favourite. Doggie ice cream cones and picnic tables surrounded by flowers, vibrant murals and backs onto a park. The location and offerings couldn’t be more appealing. Open during Summer season only.

Aspen Riverhouse » With an inside looking like your dream log home it’s a little hard to stay outside, but that evening sun on the patio is not to be missed! The Aspen’s menu has something for everyone and the space offers lots of room for our pup to chill while you indulge.

Two Sisters Café » Order a healthy and absolutely delicious breakfast or lunch and enjoy it on the patio with your pooch. The cute outdoor space offers shade and water for the dogs while you enjoy artisan eats and atmosphere.

Bugwood Coffee outdoor Café | Photo Abby Cooper

Bugwood Coffee » Walk up, caffeinate, snack, and then stroll. Bugwood is the perfect grab-and-go coffee location in Smithers, and if you decide to linger and socialize there are plenty of tables for that - all of which are dog friendly. Plus they make an impressive Americano and all their coffee is roasted in-house - need I say it? The perfect taste of Smithers to bring home with you.

UFO » Which stands for Ukrainian Food Owesome. A small but inviting patio on Main Street is dog friendly. Order tasty to-go lunches for your adventure or stick around and soak in the downtown Smithers vibe and Hudson Bay Mountain views.

Walk to the Bulkley River and throw a few casts | Photo Abby Cooper

Things to do in smithers with your dog

Dog park

A new off-leash park, “Bark Park” is located on the corner of Highway 16 and Manitoba Street. A great place to socialize with other dogs and get an off-leash run and sniff in a fenced area.


There is no shortage of dog trail trails in Smithers. Check out the options below for beautiful walks, or small hikes.

  • Perimeter Trails
  • Kathlyn Creek Trail (joins the Perimeter Trail network)
  • Riverside Park (off the Riverside Municipal Campground)

Dog walking the trails around Smithers | Photo Abby Cooper


With so many options it would be impossible to share them all!  Here are a few to get your research started. Please be sure to confirm length, elevation gain, and trail conditions outside of this blog prior to hiking so that you and your furry companion are properly prepared prior to setting out on a hiking adventure.

  • Seymour Ridge hosts a collection of easy hiking trails elevated above town that can easily be made into loops and various lengths.
  • Call Lake Provincial Park is an easy loop hike with great views of Hudson Bay Mountain. The mature canopy aside from view points offers great sun or rain protection.
  • Malkow Lookout offers a picture-perfect picnicking spot as the end destination on this out-and-back hike. Please note the trail is on three private properties and there can be livestock so leashed and well-behaved dogs are a must for this trail if we want the landowners to keep it open for public access.

Hike to Crater Lake on Hudson Bay Mountain | Photo Abby Cooper

  • Crater Lake is an alpine lake above town on Hudson Bay Mountain. Sincerely one of the most beautiful spots around. Exposure to the elements increases with elevation so come prepared for it all on this half-day hike.
  • Silver King Basin in the Babine Mountains Provincial Park is a full-day adventure filled with wildflowers, creek crossings, and a dose of history.

Riding the Bluff Trails | Photo Abby Cooper


Technically you can bring your pup biking on any of the trails, but the Bluff Zone is the most dog friendly with varying lengths of trails, a smooth up track and a nearby creek for water breaks if needed. Remember that biking is much harder on your pup than your body - especially fast descent. Having great recall and queues for your pup to get off the trail is necessary so that you and other riders can have a safe experience on this epic network.

Riding the Backdoor | Photo Abby Cooper


  • Be bear aware. Wildlife and dogs don’t mix well for a variety of reasons. Please read up on bear safety, take the indicated precautions and have control of your pet at all times to ensure all have a safe outing.
  • Pick up + pack out. Dog pop doesn’t belong anywhere but in the trash. Please pick up after your dog and pack it out while adventuring in town or in the mountains. Trash cans and dog bags are located on Main Street in Smithers and near many of the parks. It is appreciated that you come prepared to take care of your pets’ waste while visiting.
  • Give space. Remember that, while Smithers is pet friendly, not every individual will love your dog as much as you do. Please respect people's space on patios, sidewalks, common accommodation areas and while exploring.

Chilling out with the pups | Photo Abby Cooper

It’s always a treat to visit Smithers and the puppy snores radiating from the backseat of my truck on the drive home told me that my dog Rubble did too.

photo of Abby Cooper

Abby Cooper is a creative director specializing in producing campaigns in remote locations. Whether for work or for pleasure you can find Abby splitboarding, mountain biking, hiking, crafting up community educational events or indoors nerding out on snowpack and mountain weather.

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